Wild Herbs is a company with a passion for understanding, learning, and utilizing the plants that grow in your immediate surroundings. Based in the Arizonan Sonoran Desert, you might imagine that it would be difficult to find very many medicinal plants growing wildly; but to many people’s surprise, there are miraculous and wonderful medicines that even the hot, dry desert has to offer. 


Whether we are promoting herbs that grow in this region, or ones that grow in the native wilderness of Asia, Africa or Europe; we are aware that these plants grow WILD among us for a reason. One of these purposes, among many, is to be available to us so that we can determine the most great and purposeful use for them. We hope to shed light in the world about the magic that is present in the environment surrounding all of us, no matter where we reside.


Furthermore, in applying this type of healing we promote true and permanant changes to our health and lifestyle. Healing takes place in conjunction with mind, body, and spirit. That means we combine emotional, mental, and physical healing to achieve the greatest success on our journey towards a healthy life. In many ways, we find that this path is unique to the individual, and we value love and encouragement as we experience the joy in a beautiful journey of healing. 


Kind regards and blessings to all, 


the WILD HERBS team


Julianne Romney, AHG

Julianne is a Registered Herbalist who works clinically to aid in mental, emotional, and physical healing. She was trained at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she learned about botanical medicine, flower essence remedies, and homeopathics.

She furthered her education at Arizona State University, where she earned a B.A. in Global Health with a minor in Sustainability. This brought forth a new hope to unite the plant medicines of indigenous people while protecting them and their environment. This idea has driven Julianne to seek after alternative ways of healing, and combining it with sustainable living. During this program she was able to study abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland where she learned about the benefits of living in a clean environment with healthy lifestyle practices. 

After graduation, Julianne immediately began working for a Non-Profit wilderness therapy program called the ANASAZI Foundation. She was able to apply the practice of sustainable living, while learning how to utilize the much needed resources around her in a respectful way. She learned to gather medicinals, wild edibles, fire materials, and seek for water in order to sustain life in harsh circumstances.

After years of clinical work, Julianne has earned the title of becoming a Professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, making her a Registered Herbalist. She is currently working out of an office and apothecary doing healing consultations in Chandler, AZ. She also teaches a variety of classes at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in the Western Herbalism program; including the Herbal Flowers class each spring and the Clinical Externship in the Fall.