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Why it's Important to Heal Our Inner Emotions

People often ask me if they can just ignore their emotions, and be healed of their illness in a purely physical manner. I'm here to explain why this is not usually a possibility, and how important it is to address old deep seated emotions that refuse to leave our mental psyche.

Although in some cases a health condition is purely physical, and can be healed according to herbal practice or other medical methods, many times healing takes place through a variety of unique and individualized facets. In order to find these facets, it involves seeking deeper into the cause of a person's health issue, and trying to find a stuck emotion or mental pattern that is holding the illness in place. Beyond our understanding, experiences in life can leave marks on our soul, and these marks will hold a place on a physical vulnerability. They could be held in a meridian, chakra, or even past injury. Because we may not have worked through the emotions in a healthy way at first, that emotion will be placed deeply in our bodies where we already feel vulnerable, and will be stored there.

We always hear that most illness is caused by stress, and this is true...

Realizing this is the first step to understanding how to heal ourselves. Then it will come down to categorizing the stress by understanding what caused it based on traumatic history, emotions, or mental patterns. Once categorized, we can identify why we are holding it there, and proceed by finding the best way to remove it. Here's an example of what may happen if a person refuses to heal the underlying mental or emotional process behind an ailment:

Take a moment to imagine a person who experiences frequent shoulder pain, they might decide to go to a chiropractor, and amazingly feel better for a week or even a month! Then, after a joyous term of relief, the same shoulder pain comes back. Coupled with chiropractic work they might use an anti-inflammatory supplement, whether OTC or herbal. After months of working on this same shoulder, he/she begins to feel more permanent relief. After continued healing, this person might notice that the pain has now moved to the opposite shoulder, and begins sending a radiating pain down the arm. This time they make an attempt at acupuncture, and it seems to give the best relief for this problem. Finally he/she questions whether or not true healing can occur from this ailment at all.

That is when we ask ourselves, "Is this pain coming from a deeper issue, maybe emotional or mental?"

I'm here to answer that more than likely this person needs to heal an emotion or thought process in order to bring permanent healing to his/her body. Whether we were injured long ago and it begins flaring up, or pain occurs at random, we must understand that we are so connected to our history and traumas that old emotions will hide anywhere that we are vulnerable. If there was no past injury, there could be a susceptible meridian line in that arm, and because the shoulders hold burdens and responsibility, that person may have felt the trigger in that area. All in all, you can relieve the pain somehow, but it might keep transferring through the body at it's own will until the deeper issue is addressed.

Now you might ask, "How is it possible to heal trauma in thoughts and emotions?"

It happens to be very possible, but comes from creating consistent new thoughts and releasing old traumas. In order to release old traumas, I have found that oftentimes meditation over an old memory and guided imagery of releasing it have proven to be quite successful in my practice, and there are several methods on how to do this. One method is to take your mind to your sacred place that can be imagined with eyes closed. Once there, view yourself pulling out a dark looking energy from the hurt area on the body that resembles the dark old pattern or emotion that you hold and send it to the light. Once it's fully removed, imagine yourself filtered with light and ask that your neuro-pathways be restored to truth. Another method is to scan your body in your mind, and look for trapped energy, identify it as an emotion, and release it to the light.

Have you every heard the saying "21 days makes a habit?"

Well this rings true for healing old thought patterns, as well as emotions. I will often give a person what I call an "energetic" doses of an herb; which entails several drops under the tongue of the correct remedy for that thought pattern. This consistent application of an energetic plant medicine will aid in creating new neuro-pathways, and thought patterns consistent with truth for the individual. It will allow that person to see a new perspective, and eliminate old thought patterns that ailed them. In these cases I would use any holistic substance that has the energy necessary for healing the specific and individualized thought pattern; whether it be Botanical Medicine, Flower Essences, or Homeopathic Remedies. These treatments cause a similar result to the effect of practicing positive affirmations.

This remedy, will in fact, inspire a brand new thought pattern of truth that counters the old...

In my practice, many people have let me know that they have been healed from a physical ailment by simply taking an emotional remedy. One case in which this was manifested occurred with a middle-aged woman who was experiencing a consistent pain in her left forearm. This pain occurred at random, and did not come from any previous injury. After speaking to her further about some emotional issues she was experiencing with often feeling guilty, self-critical, and always giving more than she could manage; I recognized that the left arm is the receiving arm and that she was having issues with receiving love and understanding from others. She was the type of person who felt more comfortable giving to others, and had lacked the idea of receiving. I matched her with Bach Pine Flower Essence to address these deep seated traumas of old that caused these emotions, and waited to hear back on how she was doing. Months later she came back to see me for a different problem, and when I asked about the arm she said "oh, I forgot about that!" Come to find out, she took the remedy, and never had a pain in her arm again. Not to mention, because she had become aware of her unnecessary guilt about receiving, she was able to consciously work on this while taking the remedy to heal the mental patterns.

Often unknowingly, we all endure many traumatic or upsetting circumstances on a regular basis. We, as human beings, are capable of overcoming these traumas by eliminating them from our cellular history, then mending the damage they caused while creating a replacement truth to believe in. We believe many things that are not true about ourselves and others, and this is the stem of an unhealthy being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I encourage everyone to brave the artful journey of healing. It comes from creating new thoughts, and eliminating the old. No one said healing was easy, but it's definitely amazing to allow our unique, gifted path unfold.

Love and Blessings,


Founder of Wild Herbs, LLC

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